Reproductive Rights

“I have spent my career in public office working to protect equal access to reproductive health care for all Americans. Reproductive health providers such as Planned Parenthood offer a number of critical services to both men and women, including birth control, screening for deadly cancers, and testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Almost three million Americans visit Planned Parenthood clinics each year. Despite this, congressional Republicans have continued to attack Planned Parenthood, wasting taxpayer dollars on farcical committee proceedings and even threatening to shut down the federal government. 

“I believe that the decision to donate fetal tissue for use in potentially lifesaving research is a personal and selfless choice. It’s disgraceful that Republicans are dishonoring these brave families’ choices by using their medical histories to score cheap political points. Fetal tissue research has been instrumental in the development of vaccines for polio, Hepatitis A, and rubella. Furthermore, Republicans haven’t targeted any other medical organizations that provide abortions or conduct fetal tissue research – just Planned Parenthood.

“I also believe that the government has no place to influence an individual’s decision to use family planning services such as birth control or abortion. Congress should be working to create American jobs, rebuild our transportation infrastructure, and combat climate change, not to orchestrate ideological attacks on a high-quality health provider. I’m going to continue to fight against any attempts to attack Planned Parenthood or undermine access to reproductive health care.”

- Representative Ted Lieu


Rep. Lieu speaks out against attacks on women's health care and commends Planned Parenthood’s President Cecile Richards for her graceful and honest testimony at the House Committee on Oversight and Government hearing on September 29, 2015. 


Rep. Lieu speaks to KCAL/KCBS reporter Dave Bryan about the funding fight over Planned Parenthood, stating that “it is no coincidence that Republicans blasted Planned Parenthood the day before Congress is scheduled to vote on extending the federal budget.”


Rep. Lieu speaks on the House Floor in support of Planned Parenthood, sharing a personal story from one of his constituents who received consistently high-quality care from Planned Parenthood clinics throughout her life.


Rep. Lieu responds to dangerous and unconstitutional Republican attempts to undermine Planned Parenthood and limit access to reproductive health care.