September 1, 2017
Press Release


WASHINGTON - Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) issued the following statement in honor of Labor Day, which will be celebrated on Monday, September 4, 2017.

“This Labor Day, we celebrate and honor the American labor movement and the millions of hard-working men and women who have stood up and fought for workers’ rights. Through organizing and bargaining, labor unions have been the driving force of change for better fair wages and working conditions. We owe a great debt to these first champions of workers’ rights, which is why every Labor Day I plan to highlight two individuals whose work has improved the lives of American workers.”

Luisa Moreno
Luisa Moreno, born Blanca Rosa Lopez Rodrigues, was a Guatemalan-born revolutionary leader and social activist. As a seamstress in a garment factory in New York City, Luisa started her labor career by joining a group of Latino activists who protested the dangerous and unfair working conditions of the factory. She then went on to work at the American Federation of Labor (AFL) organizing Florida tobacco workers and soon became the first female and Latino member of the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO). Luisa Moreno is also known for being a vocal advocate for immigrant and Hispanic civil rights in the 1930s and 40s, and helped to clear the name of many Mexican Americans who were falsely indicted in the Sleepy Lagoon murder. To learn more about Luisa Moreno, please visit:

Mary Harris “Mother” Jones
Born in 1830 in Cork, Ireland, Mary Harris became a prominent labor organizer after moving to the United States to flee the potato famine. Mary became known as Mother Jones because of her care for the coal miners and workers that she advocated for. She became a leader in many labor organizations such as the Knights of Labor and the United Mine Workers Union. Mother Jones is also known for her progressive politics and founded the Social Democratic Party in 1898. She is one of the most famous women in America and is also considered one of the most dangerous for her activism in politics and labor. To learn more about Mother Jones, please visit: