November 19, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County) voted along with his Democratic colleagues to pass the Build Back Better Act, a once-in-a generation bill to lower the everyday costs that burden working families – from health care to child care and more. The bill is fully paid for by making big corporations and the wealthiest pay their fair share.

“We just did what Republicans couldn’t and wouldn’t do to help American workers and families,” Rep. Lieu said. “This morning the House passed transformative legislation that is an investment in the future of our country. The bill we passed today will help make good on the Biden Administration’s promise to create jobs, strengthen our economy and address climate change. If passed, the bill will provide American families with universal preschool for 3-and-4 year olds, and reduce prescription drug prices. It will also make unparalleled investments in a green future by making the United States a leader in clean energy and sustainability. House Democrats delivered by passing this historic bill and the Senate must do the same.”

About the Build Back Better Act:

The Build Back Better act helps American families by:

Lowering Health Care Costs: negotiating lower drug costs for seniors; halting Big Pharma’s outrageous price hikes above inflation; and expanding the ACA to make coverage more affordable for those who buy insurance on their own.

Lowering Child Care & Family Care Costs: expanding the basic promise of free schooling in America for the first time in 100 years with universal pre-school for all 3- and 4-year olds; slashing families’ child care costs; extending the landmark Biden Child Tax Credit; and expanding access to affordable home care for older adults and those with disabilities.

Making an Historic Investment in Combating Climate Crisis: cutting pollution, reducing energy costs, creating good paying jobs with a transformational investment to ensure America leads the clean energy economy. T

Fighting Inflation: The Build Back Better Act lowers costs and fights inflation because it is fully paid for by making big corporations & the wealthiest pay their fair share. No one making under $400,000 will pay a penny more in taxes.