March 17, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles) made the following statement after Republican Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price released House Republicans’ budget plan for the fiscal year 2016.

“The bottom line of the Republican Budget?  It shortchanges Californians.  It does nothing to help families in Torrance who have seen their paychecks stagnate.  Instead, it gifts yet another massive tax break to the top 1 percent.   And the Republican plan for a single mom in Calabasas?  Rip away her health care by repealing every word of the Affordable Care Act.  The Republican Budget forces seniors in Los Angeles to pay more for Medicare services and prescription drugs.   Students in Santa Monica – already facing a mountain of student debt – will see tuition increases and programs cut.  And the Republican Budget ignores the biotech entrepreneur in El Segundo seeking a crucial federal investment in cutting edge science.  A budget is a statement of values and vision.  Hardworking Californians – hardworking Americans from coast to coast – deserve a budget that guarantees health security and retirement, expands economic and educational opportunity and delivers a fair share of the American dream.  That’s what Democrats in Congress are proposing; that’s what we are fighting for.”