October 23, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-Los Angeles County), Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) and Congressman Peter King (R-NY) reintroduced the Prohibiting Threatened and Endangered Creature Trophies (ProTECT) Act. This legislation would amend the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to prohibit taking endangered or threatened species into the United States as a trophy and the importation of any such trophy into the United States.

“Collecting endangered and threatened animals as trophies increases the risk these unique animals will go extinct,” Rep. Lieu said. “I am grateful that there is a bipartisan effort to conserve wildlife and combat wildlife trafficking in Congress, and am grateful to partner with Reps. Jackson Lee and King on this bill. We must end the senseless killings of endangered and threatened species listed under the ESA.”

Support for the ProTECT Act:

Animal Defenders International

“ADI strongly supports the ProTECT Act, with thanks to the sponsors – Representatives Jackson Lee, Lieu, and King,” said Jan Creamer, President of Animal Defenders International (ADI). “Trophy hunting’s ties to illicit trafficking and poaching are only now beginning to be understood; its economic claims are unproven and exaggerated, rarely reaching local communities and bearing little actual connection to successful in situ conservation. As the world’s largest trophy importer, the US must act now to address species decline, before it’s too late.”

Animal Welfare Institute

“Wildlife listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act are facing severe threats to their survival, and it is absurd to allow the hunting of these animals for sport,” Cathy Liss, president of the Animal Welfare Institute.

“There is no good reason to cater to the interests of wealthy hunters when the possible extinction of species hangs in the balance. Thank you to Representatives Jackson Lee, Lieu, and King for introducing the ProTECT Act, which will ensure that species under federal protection aren’t further victimized by someone looking to hang a head on a wall.”

Born Free USA

“Born Free USA applauds Reps. Sheila Jackson Lee, Ted Lieu, and Peter King for reintroducing the ProTECT Act,” According to Angela Grimes, CEO of Born Free USA. “This reintroduction follows the recent IPBES Biodiversity Report, which concludes that one million species are at risk of extinction, emphasizing that we cannot condone trophy hunting of imperiled species. Trophy hunting is senseless, inhumane, and only contributes to the further decline of threatened and endangered species. The ProTECT Act is a much-needed answer to the threat trophy hunting poses, and will ensure these beloved and imperiled species are fully protected, and not ruthlessly killed for vanity.”

Humane Society International

“It is time for Congress to recognize what most Americans already know: Trophy hunting is not conservation; it is not the economic solution for local communities that the hunting industry claims it is; and it is morally wrong,” said Jeffrey Flocken, president of Humane Society International. “Thank you, Reps. Jackson Lee, Lieu, and King, for taking action to protect threatened and endangered species from this barbaric practice.”

Humane Society Legislative Fund

“Trophy hunting doesn’t support conservation of the world’s most imperiled species--contributing just 0.03% of overall revenue for 8 of the African countries allowing it. Clearly, tourism provides the long-term economic incentive to keep animals alive and African countries thriving. And, legislation that prevents people from hunting or importing these slaughtered animals is a critical first step in their recovery,” said Sara Amundson, Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) president. “The American public has shown time and again that they oppose the trophy hunting of these iconic species and so we commend Reps. Jackson Lee, Lieu, and King for introducing the ProTECT Act.”

The Humane Society of the United States

“Trophy hunting is a pay-to-slay scheme to satisfy elite one-percenters’ desire to kill endangered and threatened species for bragging rights or for fun,” said Kitty Block, president and CEO for the Humane Society of the United States. “It is high time that the United States rids itself of the appalling reputation as the world’s biggest importer of hunting trophies. Thank you to Reps. Jackson Lee, Lieu, and King for your leadership on this lifesaving legislation.”

Friends of Animals

“Saving wildlife from extinction is not a partisan issue and Friends of Animals has long been pushing against the trumped-up notion that killing is conservation. Most of the money spent by U.S. trophy hunters who travel to Africa to kill for sport never gets to local communities, studies show. If the world’s threatened and endangered species are going to survive, including elephants and giraffes whose populations keep plummeting, lawmakers must support the ProTECT Act. The bill is elegantly simple and right on point. We are heartened by the bipartisan support this comprehensive legislation has garnered and that Reps. Lieu and Jackson have continued to work to ensure these species survival,” said Friends of Animals President Priscilla Feral.