December 11, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON - Today, Marc Cevasco, Chief of Staff to Congressman Ted W. Lieu, issued the following statement:

“Due to a medical procedure, Congressman Lieu will be missing work for the remainder of the week. He is in good spirits and plans to be back at work next week.

On Monday evening, at the recommendation of the Office of Attending Physician, Congressman Lieu was admitted to George Washington University Hospital for chest pain. An electrocardiogram, ultrasound and two blood tests confirmed there was no heart attack and no heart damage. A CT scan showed partial blockage of an artery that was the likely cause of the symptoms. Yesterday, he underwent stent surgery. It was successful. He is now recovering and will likely be discharged from the hospital later today. Congressman Lieu is deeply grateful to all the dedicated professionals at the OAP and GW University Hospital.

He does plan to watch a lot of TV as he recovers.”