September 7, 2015
Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 7, 2015               
CONTACT: Jack d’Annibale | | 202-225-3976

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles) issued the following statement to commemorate Labor Day on September 7, 2015.

“This Labor Day, we celebrate and honor the American labor movement and the millions of hard-working men and women across our great country.  At a time when unions and working families are still recovering from the Great Recession, and too many are struggling to put food on the table, this holiday is more important than ever.  The strength of our economy depends on the strength of our working families.  Unsurprisingly, the increase in income inequality in America is sharply correlated with the declining rate of union membership.” 

“Historically, labor unions have been the driving force for vital reforms to our country’s working conditions, including the forty hour work week, abolition of child labor, and implementation of a minimum wage.  Before passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938, working men and women often met violent resistance for demanding basic human protections.  We owe a great debt to these first champions of workers’ rights.  In the tradition of great American labor leaders like Eugene Debs, Larry ItliongCesar Chavez, Samuel Gompers, and Mother Jones, we should continue the struggle by ensuring all workers are paid a livable wage and preventing unfair trade deals that push more American jobs overseas.  When unions are strong – America is strong.”