September 22, 2015
Press Release

CONTACT: Jack d’Annibale | | 202-225-3976

Los Angeles - Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles) issued the following statement in the wake of additional U.S airstrikes in Syria.

“The Department of Defense reported this weekend that the United States continues to conduct airstrikes against ISIL targets in Syria.  I opposed the prior use of U.S. military force in Syria, I opposed U.S. airstrikes into Syria launched from Turkey in August, and I oppose this latest round of U.S. airstrikes.  I remain concerned that the Administration has yet to put forward a comprehensive strategy for the conflict in Syria and that Congress has yet to authorize this use of force.  That is why I voted in favor of an amendment earlier this year by Representatives Barbara Lee, Jim McGovern, and Walter Jones to withdraw U.S. forces from Syria and Iraq due to the absence of congressional authorization.  

The recurrent U.S. bombing in Syria does not appear to have made the situation more stable.  More Syrian refugees, not less, are fleeing Syria.  The U.S. should be using our limited resources to do everything we can to address the worst refugee crisis in a generation rather than risking American lives and wasting taxpayer dollars by continuing to intervene militarily in a complicated civil war halfway across the world."