February 9, 2016
Press Release


WASHINGTON - Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County)  issued the following statement after the White House sent President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2017 budget request to Congress.  Mr. Lieu applauds the 44th President for putting forward a budget that builds the foundation for a strong American future – investing in innovation for the 21st century, advancing a world-class education system, and empowering hard-working families.

“In the face of an era of unprecedented economic and technological change, President Obama’s stewardship of the economy has created 14 million jobs, slashed the unemployment rate to under 5%, guaranteed health security for nearly 18 million Americans and has sizably cut our nation’s deficits.

“In the face of this progress, the President, my fellow Democrats and I know there is more work to be done to expand opportunity for every American and to secure our nation’s economic leadership globally.   As a member of the Budget Committee, I commend President Obama’s 2017 fiscal plan for taking innovative steps to invest in and empower hardworking families in California’s 33rd District and in districts from sea to shining sea.  

“The President’s new K-12 computer science initiative and college affordability programs will ensure that today’s students possess the skills and knowledge necessary to be tomorrow’s leaders in their communities, their states and on the world stage. 

“The President’s plan to double funding for homegrown clean energy research and development means a secure energy future for America and a much-needed focus on protecting our children and our environment from the terrible impacts of climate change.  The President’s plan to forge an economy that works for everyone means bold, critical investments in infrastructure and innovation.

“The President’s focus on American security – specifically cybersecurity – is particularly welcome.  $19 billion for cybersecurity, a modernization of federal information technology and a Federal Chief Information Security Officer means our nation’s ability to defend against cyberattacks by foreign governments and thieves will be greatly enhanced.

“The President’s focus on security also means taking care of those brave men and women who have safeguarded our freedom.  We cannot solve Veteran homelessness in America without solving it in Los Angeles County.  I applaud the President’s pledge of $11 billion over the next 10 years to address both family and Veteran homelessness.

“The President’s new budget proposal looks to the future, embraces a decidedly Californian spirit of innovation and works to ensure that no American family is left behind.”