Congressman Lieu Requests Federal Housing Vouchers for Vets and Meets with Leadership at West LA VA

January 26, 2015
Press Release

Los Angeles, CA – Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D-CA) released a letter he wrote to the House Committees on Veterans Affairs and the Budget requesting an increase in both the number of federal HUD-VASH vouchers and the amount of each voucher. 

Congressman Lieu stated:  “HUD-VASH vouchers are an essential part of the ‘housing first’ model and have proven effective in reducing Veterans homelessness by providing both housing and supportive services.  These vouchers are critical to helping reduce the large population of homeless Veterans in Los Angeles County.” 

Congressman Lieu also met with senior staff at the West Los Angeles VA Medical Center, including Acting Network Director Skye McDougall, Deputy Network Director Randy Quinton, and Medical Center Chief of Staff Dr. Dean Norman.  During the meeting, Congressman Lieu discussed a number of issues with the leadership team, specifically offering his assistance in developing a comprehensive master plan for the campus.  Bob McDonald, Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, will visit the facility on Wednesday.

“I was very impressed with this leadership team’s commitment to serving Veterans experiencing homelessness and to deliver quality health care to all Veterans.  I look forward to collaborating with them to improve services for our Veterans, to develop a comprehensive master plan for the property, and ensure that no one who served this country has to sleep on the streets,” said Congressman Lieu.

The West Los Angeles VA Medical Center is located in California’s 33rd Congressional District, which is represented by Congressman Lieu.  Congressman Lieu serves on the House Committees on the Budget, and Oversight and Government Reform.  He is also the Democratic Freshman Class President.