July 11, 2016
Press Release


WASHINGTON - Today, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) will host a special viewing of the acclaimed film Merchants of Doubt, and, along with Senator Whitehouse, has introduced a “Web of Denial” Concurrent Resolution, which condemns groups who have misled the public on tobacco, lead, and climate.

“The actions taken by ExxonMobil and other big oil companies may have imperiled all of humanity through their massive campaign of deception to confuse the public and lawmakers as to the truth of climate science.  Any actors who knowingly confuse the public as to the harm of their products, whether it be lead, tobacco, or oil should be condemned and investigated.  I am proud to host a screening this evening of Merchants of Doubt and to introduce the “Web of Denial” resolution today with Senator Whitehouse and shed more light on the horrendous actions perpetrated by ExxonMobil and others. Merchants of Doubt is an incredible documentary, and, through the power of film, educates the public about the massive campaign of deception and denial pursued by ExxonMobil and others as to the truth of climate change and the parallels between the actions of big tobacco.”
-- Rep. Ted W. Lieu (CA-33)  

“We need to call out the perpetrators of the intricate web of denial that’s blocked action on major threats like tobacco and climate. In drawing on the work of Dr. Oreskes and Dr. Conway, this film brings to life some of the best research available on this subject.  It’s an important resource as we continue the fight to loosen the fossil fuel industry’s filthy grip on Congress.”
-- Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI)