Ted Lieu: 'The Wall Does Not Solve the Problems'

February 7, 2019
In The News

Representative Ted Lieu of California's 33rd congressional district thought that while parts of President Donald Trump's State of the Union were good, other aspects of the address were "horribly bad." 

"I am pleased that the president talked about two issues Democrats had been talking about all year year, which was investing in infrastructure and reducing health care costs," said Representative Lieu.

"So I think those are areas we can work with on terms of moving America forward."

However, Lieu was quick to criticize President Trump for what he perceived as a threat against Democrats.

"I was very disappointed that the President seemed to threaten that if we conduct investigations, somehow he won't work with us anymore. That is absolutely not right," said Lieu.

Another area of the speech that drew praise from Lieu was the president's pledge to bring an end to ongoing military conflicts.

"I am pleased that he also did focus on ending endless wars. So I do agree that we should not be in Syria, that's a place where we have not had a strategy for a very long time," said Lieu.

"We only had a few thousand troops there and it's not clear to me that they were actually taking actions that Congress had ever authorized."

Lieu was less praiseworthy when it came to what has become the president's signature issue: the border wall.

"Democrats are happy to work with the president on border security but again, the wall does not solve the problems he identified. So 80, 90 percent of the drugs come through our legal ports of entry," said the Representative.

"These big scary caravans he's talking about? They present themselves at our legal checkpoints. So a wall is not going to really address those issues, it's just going to be a really expensive boondoggle."

The Representative also criticized the president for failing to address climate change.

"He did not say one thing at all about climate change. I think that is a huge threat, not just to America, but to the world and it's very unfortunate we have a Republican party and a president that seems to be in denial of climate change," said Lieu.