Stuck Behind a Fox News NDA? Ted Lieu Wants to Speak with You

March 15, 2019
In The News

Fox News has come under fire over their Non-Disclosure (NDA) practices and California Rep. Ted Lieu is fighting back.

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-California), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, made clear in no uncertain terms Thursday morning that Fox News’ NDA agreements would no longer be allowed to stymie investigative efforts of House committee inquiries or other investigations. He urged those who want to speak with him or other, but can’t due to these agreements, to contact him.

Citing a tweet on a news story detailing how NDAs can be broken if subpoenas are issued, Lieu tweeted out to his audience encouragement for others to step forward.

“I am authorized to make the following statement If you feel silenced by an NDA and need help form a Congressional committee, please contact, or have your attorney contact, the House Judiciary Committee,” Lieu wrote.

Lieu was responding to a tweet from NBC analyst Ari Melber.

NDAs have become troublesome for investigators. {resident Donald Trump is known for having his own staffers at the White House sing these agreements, bringing the validity of their legality into question.

“Trump can attempt to bully of cajole his employees into signing any agreement he wants. But are those agreements enforceable? It seems unlikely,” Loyola Law School Professor Jessica Levinson wrote in an op-ed for NBC News in August.

“There’s a strong case to be made that NDAs signed by White House employees violate the First Amendment and also public policy, making it doubtful that a court would agree to enforce them,” Levinson added.

Lieu’s outright statement on Thursday seems to make clear that he wants to afford legal protections to those who might be sitting on the fence about coming forward in regards to political investigations especially if their reservations are based on breaking a nondisclosure agreement.