Icymi: Congressman Lieu On Cybersecurity And Ensuring The Integrity Of The Ballot Box

October 14, 2016
In The News

Rep. Lieu questions government agencies at the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s IT Subcommittee hearing on how to better protect our electronic voting machines and democratic process.

Rep. Lieu:

My understanding from the main thrust of your testimony is that because we’ve got 50 states, thousands of different jurisdictions, the American election system is complex, diverse, and robust because it is really hard to hack all of that.

My view is that they don’t have to hack 50 states. In a close presidential election, they just need to hack just one swing state or maybe one or two or maybe just a few counties in one swing state.”

“As a recovering Computer Science Major, keep in mind that folks hacked computers well before the existence of the Internet. We’ve had troubling reports of how these voting machines can be hacked quite easily.”

“My hope is that we don’t have any more machines without paper ballots.”