Huffington Post: Congressman Expertly Trolls Donald Trump With Cheat Sheet For First Big Trip Abroad

May 20, 2017
In The News

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) majestically trolled Donald Trump by tweeting him a cheat sheet for his first big trip abroad as president.

As Trump jetted off for his 9 day jaunt to the Middle East and Western Europe on Friday, Lieu thought it prudent to give the president some advice to ensure he stays out of trouble whilst overseas.

DON’T leak classified information,” was his top tip. He also felt compelled to state that Israel is an ally of the U.S., and Russia is not.

Lieu advised Trump not to talk about his controversial Muslim ban during his stop-off in Saudi Arabia, where caterers are reportedly planning to serve him steak with ketchup.

And in preparation for his visit to the Vatican, Lieu warned Trump that Pope Francis “knows climate change is real, hates your proposed wall and is not a fan of locker room talk.”

The post has since gone viral. As of early Saturday, it had garnered more than 58,000 likes.

Lieu, who represents a district in Los Angeles County, has form in using the microblogging service to take aim at Trump. In April, he mocked his inauguration crowd size claims by posting this snap from a town hall event: