Congressman calls for investigation as Trump refuses to give up his Android phone

February 17, 2017
In The News

Despite universal warnings from security experts in and out of government, Donald Trump is apparently continuing to use an insecure, off-the-shelf Android phone. Now Ted Lieu is calling on his fellow Congressman to investigate the matter.

In a letter on Friday, the Los Angeles-area Democrat said that if the President wants to do something about cybersecurity, he should start with his own phone, reportedly an Samsung ancient Galaxy S3. Lieu raises other security concerns in the letter, too, calling for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to look into the issue.

"This behavior is more than bad operational security—it is an egregious affront to national security." - Congressman Ted Lieu

Why this is a big deal: There are many, many issues with using a standard phone for the President. It could result in the leak of classified information or even a physical attack.

The alternative: Like Trump, President Obama wanted to keep using a smartphone when he took office. After looking into the issue, the Secret Service and other agencies came up with a more secure mobile device. Though significantly less versatile, the hardened phone allows presidents to call and message a small group of trusted aides.