Federal Employees Guide to Sharing Key Information with the Public

Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) and Congressman Don Beyer (D | Virginia) offer the following resource guide for federal employees who wish to break the Administration’s communications blackout on federal agencies. The guide explains how to safely and responsibly share information, and encourages employees to "Know Your Rights" and "Know Your Options." In the "Know Your Rights" section, federal employees can learn about which federal laws apply to them. In the "Know Your Options" section, employees can learn about how to safely disseminate information to agency inspectors general and the press. The resource guide also includes links to an in-depth list of federal whistleblower statutes and information about agency inspectors general. Reps. Lieu and Beyer introduced this guide in 2017. Learn more here

-To download a PDF version of the resource guide, click here.

-For information on the Federal Inspectors General and how whistleblowers can report government fraud, waste and abuse, click here.

-For more information on federal employee protections, click here.

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