September 2017

Washington Post: Outrage builds after Equifax executives banked $2 million in stock sales following data breach.

The sale of nearly $2 million in corporate stock by high-level Equifax executives shortly after the company learned of a major data breach has sparked public outrage that could turn into another hurdle for the credit rating agency.

The sales all occurred before the company publicly reported the breach, a disclosure that quickly sent its stock tumbling. The timing of the sales could attract federal scrutiny, legal experts say, though proving insider trading would be difficult. A company spokeswoman said the executives did not know about the breach when they sold their shares.

MarketWatch: Congress to flog Equifax more with words than legislation

Statements from members of Congress suggest Equifax will soon be dealing with a public flogging in Washington in addition to its falling share price and outraged consumers, following the data breach that potentially affected millions of customers.

At least one member of Congress, Rep. Ted Lieu of California, is demanding an investigation into the breach, and others including a top House Republican say the intrusion disclosed late Thursday can’t be ignored.

Forbes: Congressmen Call For A Senate Inquiry Into The Huge Equifax Hack

Perhaps it should be little surprise to that a data breach that could well affect half of the American population would escalate quickly. Congressmen are now calling for an official inquiry into the huge Equifax leak, while a class action lawsuit against the company has been filed less than 24 hours after the credit bureau announced a hack that resulted in personal data on as many as 143 million U.S. citizens being compromised.

The Hill: GOP leaders prevent votes to ban federal spending at Trump businesses

House GOP leaders won’t be allowing votes this week on Democratic proposals to prevent taxpayer funds from benefiting businesses owned by President Trump.

Multiple Democrats had filed amendments to a government spending package set to be considered on the House floor this week to ensure the president is not personally enriched by the federal government.

Daily Breeze: Trump’s DACA decision unites right and left on one point: The fight isn’t over yet

“DACA is an unconstitutional exercise of authority by the executive branch.”

— Attorney General Jeff Sessions


“Only by the reliable enforcement of immigration law can we produce safe communities, a robust middle class, and economic fairness for all Americans.”

— President Donald Trump


“Congress, get ready to do your job - DACA!”

— Trump, via Twitter