January 2017



WashingtonToday, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) issued the following statement regarding the upcoming full Senate confirmation vote for Betsy DeVos as Secretary of the Department of Education. The Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions has approved DeVos’ confirmation by a party line vote.

How Obama will take on Trump

Barack Obama and his aides expected to take on President Donald Trump at some point, but they didn’t think it would happen this quickly.

Now they’re trying to find the right balance on issues that demand a response, and how to use Obama deliver the selective pushback. Obama and his team are monitoring what’s happening at the White House, and not ruling out the possibility that Obama will challenge Trump more forcefully in the coming months, according to people who’ve been in contact with the former president.

These are the 50 Twitter Accounts Everyone in L.A. Should Follow

If you are as utterly obsessed with Los Angeles as we are, this is the painstakingly curated list you need in your life. Whittling it down to 50 was nearly impossible but someone had to do it. And that someone was us. In no particular order…

1. @LAScanner
Tweets about crimes heard over the police scanner, often hilariously. #ScannerOn forever.

May this be the year where the illegal fireworks cause the dogs & cats to rise up against us. May they win & save us from ourselves.

Trump's Immigration Ban Sparks Second Day of Protests at LAX Airport

Crowds have gathered for the second day in a row at LAX to protest President Donald Trump's immigration and travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim countries.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, CA Congressman Ted Lieu and Congresswoman Maxine Watersand, and actress Ellen Page are reportedly part of a group of hundreds who have descended on the airport to decry the detention of travelers from counties on the list, which includes Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen.

Rep. Ted Lieu: ‘The Muslim Ban Is Simply Based On Bigotry’

“The Muslim ban is simply based on bigotry,” said Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., Sunday in response to President Donald Trump’s refugee travel ban.

Lieu went on to tell reporters outside of Los Angeles International Airport at an afternoon press conference:

“Our president and campaign made statements that were bigoted. He has now taken actions based on bigotry, which leads me to conclude that the American president is a bigot. I’m not proud to say that, but is it important for people to call it what it is, and then do protests.”

‘Tears Are Running Down the Cheeks of the Statue of Liberty’: Democrats React to Trump’s ‘Extreme Vetting’

After James Mattis was sworn in as his Secretary of Defense, President Donald Trump signed an “extreme vetting” executive order that, in his words, would “keep radical Islamic terrorists out.”

Below is text of the order that Trump signed:

Here is the "extreme vetting" executive order President Trump signed

New Bipartisan SPY Act Pushes NHTSA on Automotive Cyberthreats

In our politically toxic capital, there’s a bipartisan effort underway to better protect motorists in a world increasingly aware that automobiles are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced legislation Wednesday called the Security and Privacy in Your Car Study Act of 2017, or the SPY Act. It would direct federal regulators to conduct a study that would determine the best cyber standards and defenses for motor vehicles.